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September 15, 2008

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Ok, I really don’t mean to undermine the seriousness of the aftermath of hurricane Ike, but this article really hit me. It’s just ridiculous. It’s like Americans just don’t GET how seriously prosperous their nation is compared to the rest of the world.

I submit the following quotations, to prove my point:

“Wanda Hamor, 49, of Orange, was fifth in line with her 21-year-old son William…. “He’s diabetic and he has to eat four times a day,” she said of her son.”

or, how about:

“Mary Shelton, 71, and her neighbor Letha Wilson, 78, sat in their sport utility vehicle waiting to get supplies at a distribution center in Houston. “We need some ice. What are going to drink? Hot water?” Shelton said.”

Again, I really am not trying to diminish the hardships faced by the folks in Texas. Indeed, I know some people down there, and I’m very sorry for what they’re going through right now. But seriously, if I showed this article to probably 80% of the world, they’d be baffled. In a survival situation, you’re seriously concerned about the temperature of your water? I’m sure the folks in Darfur would be happy to drink your tepid water. And I bet about half the people on the planet would be happy to eat even ONCE a day, let alone FOUR.


It constantly strikes me how little we in north America pay attention to the world around us.  And while I genuinely feel for the people in Texas, and the hardships they’re facing, I feel like for some reason we just don’t understand ‘hardship’ until it happens close to home.  It’s like that article they make you read in first year soci classes, about watching the world through a television, and how as long as things are happening on tv or in the news you can pretend they aren’t real…that those ‘people’ are just ‘people’, and are somehow different from you.  It amazes me when something devastating like this happens in north America, and we’re indignant about it, that somehow we should be ABOVE this sort of suffering.

Everyone, your homework tonight is to go listen to Vicarious by Tool.  Followed shortly after by Aenima. 🙂 (now THAT was insensitive)


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