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September 24, 2008

Filed under: animals — mandora @ 12:30 am

Right now I’m watching an episode of Survivorman. This is a show that I highly recommend, and have started watching again with some regularity after a series of dreams that I had about a month ago reminded me of its existence. This episode is really interesting to me – he’s in Labrador, running sled dogs. Since I live with one genuine, bonafide sled dog, I know the particular challenges of day to day existence with an animal that has it’s own ideas about what should happen, and the complete and total lack of hesitation to use it’s teeth on any animal that gets in it’s way. Don’t get me wrong – my sled dog would never turn her anger on a human, not ever, but other canines will not get much more than a perfunctory warning when she’s upset. This is just a normal ‘sled dog’ behavior that I really wish I had been aware of before I agreed to adopt this dog over 7 years ago. Watching the dogs on this show fighting amongst themselves for no reason other than ‘he looked at me funny’ really underscores what life with these very primitive beings can be.

What you can’t understand from watching a show like this is the absolute LOVE that huskies can give you. They are creatures of emotion – and while they do have tempers and won’t hesitate to express displeasure, when you’re in the path of husky love, it’s like nothing else on earth. They are very simple beings – if you are their leader, they look at you like God. Whatever you say is gospel truth and they honestly relish being able to do what you ask. This absolute unconditional love is the reason that I don’t think we’ll ever be without a husky again… or at least why I think my husband might fight me tooth and nail should I ever decide to be. đŸ™‚


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