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Reflection, Oct 11-08 October 12, 2008

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I was reading a book the other day (ok, so it was like 2 months ago, but whatever, I’m busy, ok??) and it had a really good idea for an exercise to do with children to teach them to be mindful and greatful for the blessings of everyday life. The author suggested that every night you sit down with your child and ask them to think about all of the ‘special’ moments that they had in the day. It could be as simple as ‘I got to have a cookie at lunch’ or ‘I got to spend time with grandma’. The point is, to help kids see the blessings and the unique little moments that make every day worth living.

I thought this was a really awesome idea. I really want my kids to be mindful and greatful, and I plan to do this when they’re a little older. But, I realized that too often, I can go a whole day without taking notice of these little moments. And since yesterday we celebrated thanksgiving with my family, I wanted to start what I hope will be a daily thing for me. I want to just write something that I’m greatful for, everyday. It can be little or big, it doesn’t matter. But every day, I need to write something. And because the point is to do it as a reflection on the day, this will be yesterdays, although I’m writing it today. 🙂

My reflection today is about family. I’m grateful that I have a family who prepared a meal together, to eat together. I know that we’ve had our differences, and that a lot of the time it’s really difficult for us to exist in the same space, but I really am grateful for the blessing of having a family. I try really hard to see that they’re all their own people, and that while I might disagree with so much of their behavior or their opinions, they’re entitled to them, the same as I am. And while our relationship could really go in a bad direction, resulting in a total disintegration, I really don’t want that. I am really trying to be committed to letting go of how I think things should be, and accepting my family for who they are.

I’m really trying to see this time with them as a lesson in emptiness and compassion. And although I’ve done a lot of things that I’m not proud of when it comes to my family, they’re still there, as am I. So, regardless of where we’ve come from, I really hope that going forward, we can become better people together. Because they really are the only family I have, and I know that in their own way, they’ve done so much for me. And for that, I truly am grateful beyond words.


One Response to “Reflection, Oct 11-08”

  1. Anita Says:

    Hey, I loved your post – how thoughtful and what a beautiful thing to stop and think about …..
    At one point I tried to sit down with my children at night and ask them to tell me one good thing and one bad thing that happened during the day and how we could improve. I haven’t done it in a while but I think I will now!

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