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Plea to my American friends October 16, 2008

Filed under: politics — mandora @ 2:36 pm

I watched the US presidential debates last night. It made me physically ill to think that someone would even need to think about which of these two men would be a better leader. One poised, prepared, compassionate and eloquent…the other sputtering, sweating, shaking and spouting out talking points.

America, please make the right choice. Those of us in the rest of the free world really need you to get it together right now. Prove us all wrong, ok?

Oh, P.S., way to set an example Canada…GAWD.


One Response to “Plea to my American friends”

  1. Robin Says:

    I agree on all points! I have been glued to the TV for all the debates and election news…both Canada and U.S. This is when I miss my mom. We used to engage in very passionate election discussions.

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