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November 1, 2008

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In the last year, I’ve made so many changes to make my body healthier, that I began to wonder just HOW healthy I could be.  In typical ‘me’ fashion, I decided if I’m going to get healthy, I’m going to get HEALTHIEST.   So, I started researching different nutritional plans, and found myself coming back, again and again, to the raw foods diet.  It’s not a ‘diet’ per say, so much as it’s a way of approaching your food.  And between my pregnancies I ate a diet of about half raw food and half just unprocessed food.  Specifically, I still cooked some veggies, and I ate tofu, etc., but about half of my diet was just plain ol’ unprocessed, straight from the earth goodness.  No sugar, no flour, no dairy or meat, and no preservatives or chemicals.

When I got pregnant, both my necessary food intake went up and my energy to prepare food went down, making it harder and harder to live on a diet like this and still make sure that I was getting everything my son needed.  Once he’s born I plan to go back to the same sort of diet, as it’s the healthiest I’ve ever felt in my life.  Right now though, I’m eating some meat and processed foods, simply for convenience sake.  In an effort to incorporate more of these sorts of things into my diet, even as my ability to stand and cook has decreased dramatically, I asked for (and received) a really great food processor for my birthday this year.  I figured if I had a super fancy piece of gadgetry, I’d HAVE to make all kinds of good for me foods!

And, today, for the first time since I got it a month ago (really inspiring me, huh?) I made a raw dessert to bring to a bbq at a friends place tonight.  Ironically, the bbq is being held to celebrate the success of this years moose hunting season, so my vegan, raw dessert and signature spinach salad may be lost on this crowd, but ah well.

I chose to make a recipe that I’ve been eyeing up from over at the sunny raw kitchen for quite some time.  Carmella makes raw food look so GREAT that you’d be a fool not to try her stuff!

So, what do you all think?  Would YOU eat this? Here’s what my version ended up looking like.  No where near as amazing as hers, but still super yummy, don’t ya think?


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  1. Very yummy. Not quite as good as that deep fried mars bar I had that time, but….

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