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October 14, 2008

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Reflection for today: I look at my baby girl and I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I’m grateful for every second that we have together, and I can’t believe how quickly she’s becoming a little person.


Reflection, Oct 11-08 October 12, 2008

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I was reading a book the other day (ok, so it was like 2 months ago, but whatever, I’m busy, ok??) and it had a really good idea for an exercise to do with children to teach them to be mindful and greatful for the blessings of everyday life. The author suggested that every night you sit down with your child and ask them to think about all of the ‘special’ moments that they had in the day. It could be as simple as ‘I got to have a cookie at lunch’ or ‘I got to spend time with grandma’. The point is, to help kids see the blessings and the unique little moments that make every day worth living.

I thought this was a really awesome idea. I really want my kids to be mindful and greatful, and I plan to do this when they’re a little older. But, I realized that too often, I can go a whole day without taking notice of these little moments. And since yesterday we celebrated thanksgiving with my family, I wanted to start what I hope will be a daily thing for me. I want to just write something that I’m greatful for, everyday. It can be little or big, it doesn’t matter. But every day, I need to write something. And because the point is to do it as a reflection on the day, this will be yesterdays, although I’m writing it today. 🙂

My reflection today is about family. I’m grateful that I have a family who prepared a meal together, to eat together. I know that we’ve had our differences, and that a lot of the time it’s really difficult for us to exist in the same space, but I really am grateful for the blessing of having a family. I try really hard to see that they’re all their own people, and that while I might disagree with so much of their behavior or their opinions, they’re entitled to them, the same as I am. And while our relationship could really go in a bad direction, resulting in a total disintegration, I really don’t want that. I am really trying to be committed to letting go of how I think things should be, and accepting my family for who they are.

I’m really trying to see this time with them as a lesson in emptiness and compassion. And although I’ve done a lot of things that I’m not proud of when it comes to my family, they’re still there, as am I. So, regardless of where we’ve come from, I really hope that going forward, we can become better people together. Because they really are the only family I have, and I know that in their own way, they’ve done so much for me. And for that, I truly am grateful beyond words.


Recipe of the Week #1 September 24, 2008

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I need to make this blog cooler and more full of ‘stuff’… my other blog was cool and full of stuff but it just wasn’t what I ‘wanted’ in a blog.  It wasn’t fulfilling me.  I LURVE the layout and design of this one so much… I’m excited to post everytime I come here because I love the cool little rounded boxes that each and every post is encapsulated in.  Problem is, I can’t get any of my usual ‘extras’ to work because wordpress is the devil.

On that note, I’m going to start something new.  Recipes!  Anyone who knows me knows how important healthy awesome food is in my life.  It’s sort of a passion – to create really good for me food that tastes like it ISN’T good for me.  And if I can do that with organic, wholesome, local foods, all the better.  I try to eat vegan whenever I can, and since the rest of my family (with the exception of my daughter) are all dedicated and proud carnivores, it can be a challenge finding vegan friendly items that they’ll also eat.  I’ve totally done it with THIS recipe though.  I originally was trying to find things that would be high in protein and other good things for pregnant ladies.  But aside from being super high in protein and omega-3, these bars are DELICIOUS.  I substituted agave nectar for the rice syrup, so I halved the amount, and it turned out great.  I urge you, even if you aren’t a vegan, TRY THIS recipe.  It’s not like, crazy and full of tofu or lentils…you wouldn’t even KNOW they’re good for you.  😉

Omega Bars

Full of brain food Omega 3.


  • 1/2 cup brown rice syrup
  • 1/4 cup canola oil
  • 1/2 cup almond butter (or 1/2 cup more peanut butter + 3/4 cup chopped almonds)
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1/2 cup ground flax seed (flaxseed meal)
  • 1/2 cup sesame seeds
  • 3 cups brown rice crispies


Heat syrup, canola oil, and nut butters over medium heat until soft and smooth. Stir in nuts, seeds, and rice cereal. Press into a prepared 9 x 9 pan.

Cut into 16 pieces and chill.

These bars have 1.8 grams of Omega 3 per serving and 7.8 grams of protein. Can cut into 8 pieces and have over 3 grams per serving!


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Right now I’m watching an episode of Survivorman. This is a show that I highly recommend, and have started watching again with some regularity after a series of dreams that I had about a month ago reminded me of its existence. This episode is really interesting to me – he’s in Labrador, running sled dogs. Since I live with one genuine, bonafide sled dog, I know the particular challenges of day to day existence with an animal that has it’s own ideas about what should happen, and the complete and total lack of hesitation to use it’s teeth on any animal that gets in it’s way. Don’t get me wrong – my sled dog would never turn her anger on a human, not ever, but other canines will not get much more than a perfunctory warning when she’s upset. This is just a normal ‘sled dog’ behavior that I really wish I had been aware of before I agreed to adopt this dog over 7 years ago. Watching the dogs on this show fighting amongst themselves for no reason other than ‘he looked at me funny’ really underscores what life with these very primitive beings can be.

What you can’t understand from watching a show like this is the absolute LOVE that huskies can give you. They are creatures of emotion – and while they do have tempers and won’t hesitate to express displeasure, when you’re in the path of husky love, it’s like nothing else on earth. They are very simple beings – if you are their leader, they look at you like God. Whatever you say is gospel truth and they honestly relish being able to do what you ask. This absolute unconditional love is the reason that I don’t think we’ll ever be without a husky again… or at least why I think my husband might fight me tooth and nail should I ever decide to be. 🙂


September 21, 2008

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Why is the family so forgotten now days? It seems to me, that in times such as the ones we are experiencing right now – tumultuous times, if you will – we all NEED a safety net to fall back on. Should we not be valuing the family even more than before? Should we not be investing in this very basic human need? For some reason we are not.

As a woman, I’m so struck by the fact that I feel the NEED to provide the groundwork for this family unit. I feel a real drive to take care of my husband and my children. To make sure that they are fed and happy and safe. I love my husband unconditionally and with my whole being. Fifty years ago these things were EXPECTED. Today, I’m likely to be branded anti-feminist for voicing these things here. However, I feel it is because of my feminist spirit that I feel so strongly about these things.

We as women have given up over the years, all those things which make us different and unique beings. Instead of embracing our ability to give life to babies, and to nurture our families and to provide a safe spot for our loved ones to come home to, we saw it as a weakness…something that needed to be avoided. We were told be to behave more like ‘men’. And in doing so, all of humanity has become a sort of asexual, homogeneous personage and no one knows where they fit. Just look at the incidence of depression!! As I sit at the midpoint of my twenties, I don’t know where to go from here, because the strong yearning that I have to be a wife and a mother and a leader of the homelife of my family isn’t a viable option for women of my generation.

Well, I am taking this back for my generation. The women of my mother’s time fought to free themselves of the home, but I think they lost something integral. They lost what makes us, as women, unique. I am PROUD to be the child-bearer, the nurturer and the one who fixes my family’s problems. I am content to let my husband go out each day and ‘hunt’ our necessities. My strength comes from my connection to countless generations of women before me, and I hope that my daughter after me will feel this strength, and take up this cause. And yes, I am proud that I have the option to go to work, the real sense of equality that I feel… but in pretending the differences do not exist, we’ve lost a major source of our strength as women. And I, for one, will embrace that strength!


September 15, 2008

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Ok, I really don’t mean to undermine the seriousness of the aftermath of hurricane Ike, but this article really hit me. It’s just ridiculous. It’s like Americans just don’t GET how seriously prosperous their nation is compared to the rest of the world.

I submit the following quotations, to prove my point:

“Wanda Hamor, 49, of Orange, was fifth in line with her 21-year-old son William…. “He’s diabetic and he has to eat four times a day,” she said of her son.”

or, how about:

“Mary Shelton, 71, and her neighbor Letha Wilson, 78, sat in their sport utility vehicle waiting to get supplies at a distribution center in Houston. “We need some ice. What are going to drink? Hot water?” Shelton said.”

Again, I really am not trying to diminish the hardships faced by the folks in Texas. Indeed, I know some people down there, and I’m very sorry for what they’re going through right now. But seriously, if I showed this article to probably 80% of the world, they’d be baffled. In a survival situation, you’re seriously concerned about the temperature of your water? I’m sure the folks in Darfur would be happy to drink your tepid water. And I bet about half the people on the planet would be happy to eat even ONCE a day, let alone FOUR.


It constantly strikes me how little we in north America pay attention to the world around us.  And while I genuinely feel for the people in Texas, and the hardships they’re facing, I feel like for some reason we just don’t understand ‘hardship’ until it happens close to home.  It’s like that article they make you read in first year soci classes, about watching the world through a television, and how as long as things are happening on tv or in the news you can pretend they aren’t real…that those ‘people’ are just ‘people’, and are somehow different from you.  It amazes me when something devastating like this happens in north America, and we’re indignant about it, that somehow we should be ABOVE this sort of suffering.

Everyone, your homework tonight is to go listen to Vicarious by Tool.  Followed shortly after by Aenima. 🙂 (now THAT was insensitive)


I said I wouldn’t do this, but, September 10, 2008

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I HAD to post this article. When I started this blog I said I wasn’t going to reference or re-post materials belonging to others, but I thought that this article was just so spot-on, that I couldn’t resist it.  To my American friends, take heed.